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construction cleaning

Depending on the type of construction you have done, you may have extensive cleaning that needs to be done, or just a small area that needs to be tidied up. Either way, never consider a construction job complete until a thorough cleanup of the area has been performed. Post construction cleaning is important not just to make sure everything looks neat and clean, but to ensure your newly remodeled home or building is safe to occupy.

Post construction cleanup is different from normal cleaning, even normal deep cleaning.  You should have an opportunity before the space is occupied or furnished to perform not only a thorough cleaning but a final inspection of the job done.  Cleaning every large area, nook and cranny will allow someone to check the fit, finish and safety of the completed work ensuring you got a quality and finished construction job. 

walls, ceilings & windows

During construction, ladders used, scaffolding erected and new light fixtures installed can leave behind dust, chipped or marked paint or other signs of construction.  Ensure all of these surfaces are returned to a clean and maintained condition after construction.  Also depending on the length of the construction project cleaning walls and ceilings for cobwebs and dust is important.  While you are cleaning the walls ensure the windows, sills and ledges are all cleaned dust and streak free.

air ducts & hvac

If the HVAC system was operating during any of the construction, or if it was a dusty process like drywall or woodwork, it is likely that there is a large amount of dust in the HVAC system.  A thorough duct and vent cleaning is advised to ensure your new space is not continually dusty after construction is complete and the HVAC system is turned back on.  Also, after duct and vent cleaning, consider cleaning the HVAC unit itself and replacing all of the air filters.

Construction Cleaning

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cabinets & drawers

These spaces are often some of the most overlooked during post-construction clean-up.  Whether these are new storage spaces or old ones, they are likely to be significantly more dirty after the construction process both from dust in the air as well as a lack of use during construction.  Especially if it is a kitchen space it’s important to remove all items from the cabinets and drawers and clean those spaces to make sure there is no dust on construction debris present.


Even if the bathroom wasn’t part of the remodel or new construction, it likely had a significant increase in traffic during the construction from use, or was totally neglected as the area was not in use.  Both overused and underused bathrooms should be deep cleaned to ensure the removal of all construction dust debris and trash and ensure all the fixtures are in proper working order.  A new bathroom also should be cleaned to ensure it is safe and sanitary for use by the first occupants of the new space.


This should be the last area you consider cleaning after a construction project.  Ensure all the other items on this checklist have been completed or you risk having to re-clean the floors.  The floors whether new or old have likely gotten a lot of traffic during the construction process and will need to be deep cleaned and stripped and waxed if applicable. 


While cleaning the floors, be sure to check for fit and finish of new floors and to inspect old floors for new wear areas scuffs or other damage.  This is also the best time to ensure any trash, debris or left over construction material is removed from the renovated space.

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